Smok TFV16 CLOUD KING Tank Review

Personally, when it says "King", I'm willing to bend the knee. This is one of the BEST tanks I have ever had the fortune of buying. The cloud production and flavor are exceptional, the coil life is amazing (I'm still on a single coil and I've vaped almost an entire 120ML bottle on it, and the cotton doesn't even appear singed yet, and I haven't had any drops in flavor or dry hits.) The bubble glass provides a whopping 9ML reservoir of juice. I mean this thing is a monster. That brings me to the downsides: The tank itself is ENORMOUS. It's on the heavy side, making smaller mods extremely top heavy and increasing the danger of tipping over. The tank kit provides a glass protector sleeve which is nice, because odds are you will need it. The coils, in keeping with the enormity of the tank are also gigantic, meaning you only get 3 in a pack. So far I've only used the single mesh coil, and the double mesh coil, both of which were awesome in terms of flavor, life and cloud production, but the size of them means they need some SERIOUS power to run them. The single coil is .17 ohms, and I was running it at around 90W-100W with no spitting or flooding, though it recommends 120W. The dual coil is .12 ohms, and recommends 120W as well. I have been running it between 105W and 115W, again with absolute zero issues. I tried both at 120W, ran fine, but heated up very quickly if you chain vape it. I enjoy a warm vape, so this is all fine and dandy for me, but those of you who routinely vape lower wattages or prefer a cooler vapor should be wary. The disadvantages of these higher wattages are twofold: the heat, as I already stated, mounts very quickly if you chain vape, and I'm not talking a little heat, my entire mod heats up (VooPoo Drag 177W Box) and the power draw absolutely savages the poor batteries. My old tank I used to run about 50W-70W depending on the coil, and my near new Imren 18650's would usually last about 2-3 days depending on my frequency of hits. This monstrosity drains them all the way on a normal day, and I need to swap out halfway if I'm home and vaping often. I have 3 sets of batteries, 2 newer and 1 older, and my older pair of batteries is admittedly on its last legs, but this tank destroys them in a matter of hours, so keep the power draw in mind when you're leaving the house for an extended time. All in all, the negatives are minor when you consider that A) High watts always means a little bit of heat in the kitchen, and more power to kickstart, B) If you know your mod tips, you probably have already mastered not letting it do that, and C) The life of the coils themselves more than makes up for the fewer coils in a pack, I can't remember the last time I was able to vape a whole bottle on a coil with no negative effects. The sheer majesty of this tank is shocking, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful all purpose tank. The TFV16 will NOT disappoint. Absolutely worth every penny. The picture attached is pulled straight from the Smok website, to give you an idea of the size of this thing. That's all for now folks, keep on chuckin' those SERIOUS CLOUDS!

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