Rockt Punch Island Ice Cannon 120ML 3MG Review

I must say, I don't hate this flavor, but it is not one of my favorites. I'm unsure what the flavor palate is actually supposed to be from tasting it. "Tropical Fruit & Menthol" does not really come through. The menthol isn't very chilly, and the flavors are all muddled together. Overall it still has a bit of a cool exhale, and a sweet flavor, but if you are looking for mind blowing flavor this is not it. Perhaps it's my high wattage heating up and overpowering the flavors, perhaps I got a bad bottle, who's to say. The upside to this, was I got it on sale from Https:// it was actually a pretty sweet deal, picked up this 120ML and a Rockt Punch Coup De Guava 120ML 6MG for less than $30. I have not tasted the Guava flavor as of yet, but hopefully it has a bit more of a "punch" than Island Ice Cannon. Altogether the juice consistency is good, not too thin or too thick, and the throat hit from the nicotine is right on the money, if the flavor was a little more...more? It would have been an all around win, if not exactly a smash hit. I'd give it a solid 5 Serious Faces out of 10. All I can say is thank the Cloud Gods for sale prices.

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