Rockt Punch Coup De Guava 120ML 6MG Review

Alright, my previous Rockt Punch review wasn't exactly glowing, but this one reversed the nose dive. Coup De Guava actually has some flavor to it. A solid guava taste on both the inhale and the exhale, this flavor is just what I expected it to be. Though I will say it's slightly less fruity and a little more...creamy? Unsure how to explain it. The bottle says "Guava Candy" and I can see that, it's a little more sweet than some of the other guava flavors I have had, and I assume that's the candy portion of the juice palate. All in all I would recommend this for someone who is into fruit flavors, but not into the tartness some of the full fruit flavors bring to the table, or someone looking for a less oppressive flavor, as this one is not so much an IN YOUR FACE flavor, as it is a sleeper that gives your taste buds a seductive brush to keep you coming back puff after puff. Coup De Guava delivers, to be sure. A solid 8 Serious Faces out of 10.

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