Dugi Guides Review

Dugi Guides is an awesome subscription based guide site with an integrated add-on, that allows you to access their guides right inside your game UI. With a sleek, minimalist profile, it also keeps your screen clear, which is a huge bonus. In the past I've had trouble with add-ons causing WAY too much clutter, which reduces your immersion level, blocks a good portion of your view, and makes your screen look like a dumpster fire. Offering both Retail and Classic leveling guides specific to each class, as well as daily quest guides to make the most of your precious time (Time is money, friend), dungeon guides to assist you and your party in delving all the nooks and crannies where loot and terrible beasties like to hide, and gold making guides to fatten your wallet and give it more chins than Trade Prince Gallywix, Dugi Guides has something for fledgling heroes and Champions of Azeroth alike. The add-on is completely automated, so it tracks your current quests, tells you where to go and what to do next to maximize your input, and give you the best possible output. With support for World Events, Achievements, and Professions (Including Gathering Routes!!), this is truly your one stop shop for going from Zero to Hero in record time, these guides also have a "Taxi System" that plots the fastest course from Point A to Point B, no more getting lost in the Tanaris Desert and falling into Un'Goro Crater (Not that that has EVER happened to any of us...ha..ha..moving on.) Dugi Guides will pay for itself in sheer time saved, but also in game time. With the rise of the almighty WoW Token's, using one of Dugi's killer gold guides, you can turn that excess profit into real life savings by purchasing your subscription with your In Game gold! Don't just take it from me, see it for yourself. Dugi's Guides offers a FREE Trial .

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And if this post has sold you, here is the subscription page!

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