COIN Geocaching App Review

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Taking a slight detour from traditional gaming reviews to discuss this app that's been making a bit of a splash in the idle crypto mining circles. While COIN is not so much a "game", as it is a miner, it definitely finds way to reward you for playing. The gist here is that your location is geocached into squares, which the user mines for coins. Upon reaching certain amounts of coins, you can redeem them for various rewards including Bitcoin, Etherium, XYO Coin, Gaming Consoles, and COIN Merchandise. This app has 3 types of available plans: Basic, Premium, and PRO. The basic tier is free, and allows the use of the app at it's most primitive levels; Your coin drops from mining are very low, your mining button reset time is increased, your idle time (Time spent with the app minimized or closed) is reduced, etc. The fact that it is free is worth the attempt to see if you enjoy the idea of the app, and it doesn't necessarily feel terrible even at the basic level. The Premium tier is a $24.99/mo subscription plan that upgrades your account to receive x2 of just about everything, which significantly increases your ability to mine, and your coin drops per square among other things. The PRO tier is the best available to purchase at this time, a $31.99/mo subscription plan offers all the benefits of the Premium Plan, but at a x3 rate. One of the app features is called "Geoclaiming" and allows you to "claim" an area of a varying size (changes week to week as the Geoclaim Contest updates and changes). What this means is that you purchase a stake in this area, and receive occasional passive coin whenever someone also using this app mines within the boundaries of the Geoclaimed area, and you can spend coin you earn from mining to pay into the claim, and increase your stake, which also increases the payout at the end of the week and the frequency at which you are selected for the passive coin (The app rolls randomly to choose someone who has a stake in the area, and an amount of coin to allot to them. For reference the geoclaim I have stake in, there are 23 users with a stake, I own 35% of it, so I receive coin that much more often than someone who owns a 1% stake, in theory. As it is random it does not always work that way, but it definitely increases your chances). The basic tier provides access but nothing more, while the premium tier provides a shield of sorts, that guarantees a certain level of payout to you at the end, and the PRO tier provides the shield and an extra bonus to the coin at the end of the weekly contest. This app also allows you to purchase/receive for free (limited time, with a shipping and handling cost) a device that links to your account and further increases the rewards you receive, and your ability to mine called Sentinel's (One is an NFC Card that fits in your wallet, the other is a hexagonal keychain device. The keychain device has an on-board battery, while the NFC card does not.) I can't speak much to either of these as I am not currently in possession of one, but the idea is that these multiply your rewards and allow for more accurate usage of the app. I have been using this app for a few days, and have generated near 5,000 coin just from light usage on the 3 day free trial of the PRO tier, with another 600 coin sitting in the geoclaim waiting for the end of the week to cash out. As I continue to use this app, and learn more in depth information I will keep this post updated. Overall I'd recommend giving it a shot if you are into crypto currencies, and especially if you do a lot of travelling or running/walking/hiking. Once you manually mine 15 times, you unlock the auto collect feature, which once clicked on will mine whatever square your on automatically as long as it is unmined (once mined a square becomes locked for 2-3 minutes before it can be mined again, unless you play a small mini-game to reset it.), and can be used while driving, biking or walking to mine as often as possible for big gains. Another feature are Big Geomines, which are randomized, and can occur at any time on any block, they are essentially a normal mine that has vastly increased rewards on it. The premium tier also boosts their frequency, as well as the PRO tier, at x2 and x3 respectively. This app is definitely something to keep an eye on, even if you aren't currently interested, as they are constantly releasing new features and making quality of life updates. Good luck and good mining! My referral link is: if you use this to sign up, you'll get a free 1000 COIN!

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