Claim your piece of the PI!

While messing around on my investment app, I came across a brand new CryptoCurrency app for the currency "Pi". Currently they are still in their building phase, developing the technology and getting set up, but their app allows you to get in on the ground floor by minting the cryptocoin right on your phone with almost no effort. You simply download the app, plug in a referral code and sign up with your facebook or phone number, press the button to mine and forget about it for 24 hours. It mines in the background even when the app is closed, so you don't need to continually open it or do anything else and it doesn't hurt your battery life at all. Right now it does require a referral code, so if you decide to use it, go to to download, or go to your app store and search for Pi Network and just enter the invitation code "TheSeriousFace" when prompted, and you'll be on your way. As of this moment, since it isn't on the main market, it isn't worth anything. Bear in mind all cryptos start this way before they are established on a blockchain and a value is assigned to them, so no matter what happens, anything you mine is stored in your wallet and as soon as the project goes live, boom, anything you have becomes valuable. Bitcoin started out like this, and look at it now. Being that its totally free to start minting your own coins, you really have nothing to lose. Even if each coin is worth a penny, you're still in the green. Don't miss your chance to get in on the ground floor of a new currency, started by a team of Stanford University PhD's!