Game Designer

The Rundown

Ishnu-Alah, weary traveler's! I'm Seriousface; Avid gamer, aspiring streamer, and hopefully your source for the what's what in a multitude of realms. I've been playing games since I could hold a controller, and Warcraft has been my constant companion for over a decade now. I decided to begin the quest of blogging to review some of the guides, add-ons and other various tools to assist new adventurers just cutting their teeth, as well as grizzled veterans, because we all need a break from blazing our own trails from time to time. While focusing on all things Azerothian, I will also be on the lookout for any type of great guides or tools to help summoners in Runeterra, Knights in Hallownest, Beans in Fall Guys and anything else I think is worth mentioning. Requests for games, guides, items or anything else will be considered and greatly appreciated. As I get the site going, I will also be reviewing other things that interest me such as vape mods, tanks and juices, as well as computer peripherals, mobile games, and perhaps the occasional netflix series or movies, depending on how much this all blows up. Hopefully there will be something that helps everyone at some point, and as always, Stay Serious, my friends!